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Peltier cooling device is able to run a long-term basis. Good heat dissipation can receive a minimum temperature of the cold end prerequisite. The following is a semiconductor cooling heat of several ways :

1, a natural cooling. Better use of thermal conductivity of materials, purple copper-aluminum radiator materials to produce all the static air free dissemination of calories, easy, the drawback is too big.

2, the liquid-filled cooling. Using better materials to produce the cooling water tanks, the use of a password or liquid or water cooling method. Water deficiency is inconvenient and wasting too much advantage of small size, cooling the best results.

3, forced cooling. Working atmosphere for the mobile air compressor units used in the radiator materials and the same natural, easy to use, volume ratio of small natural cooling, the drawback is an increase in fan noise there.

4, Latent Heat Thermal vacuum. The most commonly used is the "heat pipe" radiator, which is the use of the latent heat of evaporation rapid heat transfer capacity.

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