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wellen Technology Co.,Ltd
About Us
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About Us

Company Values: to make wealth for out society and make the values of employees realized

 Company Spirit: to challenge our future, pursue and surpass ourselves.

 Company Style: to be faithful, practical, cooperative and efficient

 Development conception: to make full use of favorable factors and seize the opportunities.

 Management conception: human-oriented management and market-focused operation.

 Running Conception:  be honest and keep our promises,  take up good opportunities and reach
                                           double-win effect.

 Product conception: to tap the needs, create features and get outstanding quality.

 Market conception : based on market to make all customers satisfied

Wellen Technology Co.,Ltd.

Tel: 86-755-29958782  Fax: 86-755-85268211 Website: www.wellentech.com

Shenzhen office:Rm 1102, Zhongxing Building,Shangxing, Shajing, Baoan District, Shenzhen, 518125, China.

Tel:86-0376-3771596  Fax:86-0376-3771598  Website:www.wellentech.com
Factory: No.68,Yingbin Road, New Industrial District,Xinyang,Henan Province, China.