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About Us
Wellen Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of thermoelectric products. Our main products include: thermoelectric cooling modules, thermoelectric Assemblies. thermoelectirc power generation modules , thermoelectric materials and other related application products. wellen Technology Co..Ltd

Theremoelelctric Cooling Modules are the feature products of Wellen tech. We succeeded in researching and
developing tiny peliter Module which is used for radiation in the CPU and IC of the toy, multi-stage thermoelectric modules The Max power of peliter module can reach 500W. Specifications of peliter Modules have achieved over 400 kinds.

Wellen tech has the very advantage in developing and designing thermoelectric cooling assembly. We have succeeded in developing many kinds of  thermoelectric cooling systems: computer reveal card Peltier cooling system,mini refrigerator cooling system, water cooling syetem and so on .From the foundation ,Wellen tech insists on researching and manufacturing the raw materials itself and can provide all kinds of thermoelectric material, such as ingots, wafers and elements, also high purity Te, Si, Be,Sb.

The production process is strictly followed by ISO9001 and ISO14000 and all the products get the RoHS. Wellen tech can also provide custom design .We not only has the advanced technology, top-qualfied products, professional staffs, but also sets up a reseach center that cooperate with Academy of science in Beijing,Guangdong.Our products can be widely applied in military area, commercial area, industrial area and medical area, laboratory, aviation and consumer area and so on.


Wellen Technology Co.,Ltd.

Tel: 86-755-29958782  Fax: 86-755-85268211 Website: www.wellentech.com

Shenzhen office:
Rm 1102, Zhongxing Building,Shangxing, Shajing, Baoan District, Shenzhen, 518125, China.

Tel:86-0376-3771596  Fax:86-0376-3771598  Website:www.wellentech.com
Factory: No.68,Yingbin Road, New Industrial District,Xinyang,Henan Province, China.